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Blood and Obedience: Onimasa (1982)

    It’s no secret: I unabashedly love Gosha and adore my beloved Nakadai aka the Greatest Actor Alive. They are a match made in heaven, Gosha’s artful brutality combined with Nakadai’s dark charisma always works for me. Onimasa is more than just another yakuza film and might be their best collaboration.     Onimasa: The Japanese Godfather aka The Life of Kiryuin Hanako aka Kiryuin Hanako No Shogai : The decades long tale of Boss 'Onimasa' Masagoro and his adopted daughter, Matsue as their lives see massive changes in Japanese society and politics. Masagoro is not the man he thinks he is while Matsue tries to find herself within the world she was forced into. It covers 1917-1940, the lifespan of Kiryuin Hanako, Matsue's younger sister and Masagoro's biological daughter.   You can go back and find a whole series on the 4 decade career of Hideo Gosha (The Line Between Sleaze and Prestige -  Part 1 , Part 2 ,  Part 3 ,  Part 4 ). His career was prolific with a co

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